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March 19, 2014



Oh, gosh I feel the same way about those silly questionnaires! We definitely do not practice our cheerio in the waterbottle, ever. My boys really don't have many words yet, but they are "talking" a lot (just a bunch of random sounds that I figure will eventually turn into words?). I can tell their receptive language is growing leaps and bounds at least.


We have a monkey leash and will use it. My mom used leashes for my twin sis and I. In my opinion it's better than losing a kid or pinning them to a stroller, or you ;) glad your girls are getting chunky! Though as you said I'm sure they're just little, I think growth charts and perceptions tend to be a little skewed...

erin -heart in ireland

I can't believe how big they are getting! Congrats on hitting the growth chart!


I don't think i have ever seen baby chucks!!!?!?! OMG. I'm dying.

Jackie G

Little G just got some pink chucks the other day and has the same shirt at Charlotte! :) Love keeping up with your little ones!


AW they are so big and too cute! Love it.

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