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February 11, 2014



I relate to so much of this, as always! Except how do you get them to sleep until 9:30am?!?!? Mine are asleep by 7pm and up around 6 the next morning. Ugh!

Your girls are so awesome and I love reading your updates.

Lynne Wilson

Love your little ladies! Their personalities are coming out more and more and I love it! They definitely put a smile in my face when I see them :)


That's a great post. I was wondering if that was a "knife" in her hand when I saw the photo, have to laugh about her walking around looking for bread to butter. She knows what's good for her. spent enough time in foreign countries with GOOD bread, just wait until she gets home. :( There will be no good bread to butter. poor thing. lol This is a great stage, aside from all the "exercise" you'll get chasing after them! Whether you want it or not. Enjoy!!


9:30?! Holy moly!

I remember 15 months being quite a turning point too- we are still really enjoying the early days of toddlerhood (T is 1 and 51/52); the vocab and general deightfulness far outweighs a bit of stubborness and the odd tantrum (.... so far...)

Love the facials on your girls' gorgeous faces- sounds like two-at-once is becoming seriously fun!


I love the knife pic! It's hilarious! What cuties!


I always think that it would be amazing to have a twin and a built in playmate!


my goodness your girls are just so cute. also, the fact that they sleep so much is amazing and basically my dream for future children, ha.


I love reading about them and their personalities! They are the cutest little girls and I can't believe how quickly they are growing, but this sounds like such a fun stage for you guys :) Hugs!


How do they sleep in that late?! SO jealous. Mine is up at 6 every day!
They're so cute and have gotten so big :) Thanks for sharing your story!

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