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January 16, 2014


To the Nth

I am so sorry that you've been having a difficult time. It sounds like your reading and your talks with the baby support group have led you to a good handle on the confluence of factors contributing to the current rough patch, though. Thank you for writing this. I'm not a mother, so I'm not tuned into things like a plummeting mood associated with weaning -- something that makes total sense when I think about the hormonal shifts involved, but that I hadn't heard about before.

I'll be thinking of you and pulling for you.


Hugs, Angela. It seems like the hormone roller coaster that begins with IVF just never ends, right? But hopefully you are at the tail end of it and will feel better soon. Sending hugs from afar.


Post weabing depression is horrible. It hit me like a truck with Hannah and i was completely unprepared. It DOES get better, and its a totally real thing.


Obviously, I can't completely understand, but I am thinking of you, friend! Miss you and sending lotsa hugs your way! xo


Huge hugs to you.

Kate P

Oh, man, sorry you're not feeling great. I hope you find good people to talk to--your group sounds very supportive. Maybe also find an English-speaking group of La Leche League? Take care of yourself and those lovely girls.


I tear up thinking about V weaning and she is only 6 months old! I don't have any advice other than try to ride the rollercoaster of emotion the best you can. Your girls are adorable...where did you get their hairbands?



I had this as well. I weaned Nolan at 15 months and it was right at the end of a verrrry long German winter. I was seriously depressed for about two weeks and it did get better.

I hope now you are feeling a little better!


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