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January 10, 2014



we read a lot of the same books last year & i feel the same way with ratings. Perks of Being a Wallflower was so sweet & I just finished Bernadette and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hurray books!


thanks for the suggestions, my book club needs some new ideas! :)


Ugh - this reminds me that I didn't read anything of substance during 2013...just light chick lit and Gone Girl. I am so embarrassed! Thank you for the suggestions. :)


Oh I loved The Fault in Our Stars, I didn't believe that it would be all it is hyped up to be, but it was, and I obsessed over it for a while. Unfortunately I haven't read in other John Green Books that I liked as much!

P.S-I lost touch with your blog for a while!! And I'm so glad I re-found it, I can't believe how big and gorgeous the girls are now!

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