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November 18, 2013



Hey! I posted about "happy" things today too! Great minds... and all that.
I'm late to the good wife party too but really, really, really love it.
P.S. Your girls are hysterical.


I also love The Good Wife and smelly candles (my fall/Christmas go-to is cinn), and your girls are simply adorable :) Love the pics! We should switch places, I love love looove winter (and rain) and it hasn't rained here since oh, probably March. We're supposed to maybe get rain this week, ugh, finally. No wonder California is full of raisins :)

erin - heart in ireland

I need to go to Yankee and get that candle! And peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite! The girls are adorable! I can't believe how big they are!

Kate P

I confess, I am still hooked on "The Good Wife," and I gave in to the fundraiser at school for Yankee candles. I do the tarts with the tealights bit--I have a Christmas one that smells so good right now even when it's not warm.

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