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November 08, 2013



So sweet. Sounds like you've come to your own conclusions on the matter and you're doing just fine. :) If it helps, U is now 25 months and I haven't ever taken him to one single class or scheduled activity. Just playgrounds and parks and playdates with friends. I think we're both better off this way!


AWWWW. Love this. You are definitely enough for the girls. The mom guilt is always present no matter how hard we try or how much we do it always feel like "not enough". You're doing a fantastic job!


Love this post and you are wonderful mom. Mom guilt strikes everyone and in different ways, personally dealing with it right now with my decision to return to work. Seriously terrified that my daughter will see her day care provider as her new mommy.

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

If I ever had to have twins, you are a twin mom that I'd look up to. You make it seem POSSIBLE and not like a terrible chore. I super admire you (yes, what I see on the internet, but that counts for a lot!)

I also want to say that I took Gabe to exactly zero music, dance, or Gymboree classes. He started preschool at the age of 3 and we did some story times at the library, but I tend to want less scheduled stuff in my life, so we've kept it simple. I don't think he's *too* deprived. (Though he wasn't bilingual or a child music prodigy. Ha.)

I know you know this - but the way you do it is the perfect way for your family! <3

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