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October 22, 2013


To the Nth

It's nice to hear from you again! Looks like you had a wonderful time throughout your travels, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the summer with your sister.


I've been wondering about you! I can't believe the girls are almost one. Happy you're back. :)


Bloglovin'! It's actually waaaaaay better than google reader! I heart it. And if there's still some way to import from google reader it keeps all your settings and folders and stuff.

Also, I want to live in Europe. My adventures consist of going to Walmart and Costco.


Yep, I was going to recommend Bloglovin' too!

Looks like a fabulous summer :) And ohmygosh, how are they ONE already? Crazy!


I was starting to wonder what happened to you! Figured you were busy with the little ones. :) Welcome back!
(Oh, and I hear you on Google Reader. I started using Feedly and love it.)

erin -heart in ireland

first I can't believe how big the girls are!! I love all your adventures, isn't kunta hora one of the coolest places? I miss living in Europe!

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