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March 14, 2013


Danielle C

You forgot, "who was born first?", and my all time favorite (hear that sarcasm?) "which is the better baby?". Love this post!


As a twin I get a lot of "which one of you is older" (similar to Danielle's comment), uh, we were both conceived at the same time so, you know... And believe it or not we still get: can you feel each other's pain? And "how does it feel to be a twin"? I can appreciate the curiosity, but please please pllllllease don't let people constantly refer to them as the girls or the twins, I swear some people never learned my name, just called the sis and I "The Girls", kinda depressing! I love reading about C&A, and the pics! And, am eagerly awaiting your cloth diaper the newborn gpants this week but am holding off on ordering the infant stash :)

Danielle C

Katie, I too am a twin and my response to the "what's it like to be a twin?" question... "What's it like to not be a twin?".


I loved your blurb about the Bert and Ernie Rule - I could always tell them apart by the shape of their head/face, but I thought that might be weird to say out loud, haha.


i seriously love their onesies, so so cute! & i used to joke that i'd have twins one day too and probably because i always wanted to be one, ha.

Kate P

Those shirts are hilarious! (Wow, some of those questions you said in your post seem pretty pointed for coming from strangers.)


I love this. I know those are typical slightly annoying but people are so curious about them! My Great Great Aunts were twins named Nita and Rita who no joke married two brothers, Ned and Red Mustard. They lived next door to each other their whole life! But during that time period, twins were really rare (morbidity was so high). So people would come from miles around to see them including Williams Jennings Bryant who was like this famous politician and a 3 time presidential nominee. And this is probably overkill on info. I just always thought it is neat to know that twins have always elicited such curiosity.

A Super Girl

Shockingly, I'm really curious in the cloth diapering thing. I don't know anyone who does it, but it intrigues me. I'm generally lazy though, so I'm afraid I don't have the stuff to stick with it (you know, when I have 10 years).

erin - heart in ireland

their faces in the buy one get one free picture are so cute :)

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