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March 11, 2013



Oh my gosh I love these faces! Also, I feel like I missed something. Where do you live now? You said your husband was traveling to the states?


They are so adorable. But yeah, the milk dispenser/slave thing gets old even with help. Glad they seem to be sleeping for you though, and thank goodness for good neighbors!!!


It's fantastic they are sleeping well for you! It sucks that Colby is gone for so long but you seem to be handling it super well. I'm glad you have the Amsterdam trip to look forward to :)
Your girls are absolute dolls!


They are so cute!! Funny story. But not. Just cute w/ the faces. ;) So hoping these next 10 days go by QUICKLY! :)


Oh my goodness...they are adorable!


There eyes are BEAUTIFUL! Nice writing too! :) Our mutual friend, Kate, gave me your link - I am a big Audrey fan so I love your blog title as well :)



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