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March 18, 2013



Wow, you know, most parents have a 2:1 adult to kid ratio for Ferberizing. And you did it 1:2! You are amazing! Seriously, I feel like I have a grip on this twin thing and I do not think I could have survived that. I am SOOO glad it's paying off! Go mama and Lottie and AnnaB!


Good for you! I'm glad you found what worked and went for it! :) I remember that feeling of worrying over how scarred and upset Urijah was going to be with me once he woke up, after letting him cry for a bit one time. Didn't happen. Those kids...they are resilient! And congrats to you for getting one of those "I got this." accomplishments under your belt. Makes you feel like you know what you're doing, at least for a little while!


Wow. This seems like an incredible change. Go you! Go You! Go! Go! Go you!


Amen. I was prepared to Ferberize, but didn't have nearly have the battle you did... and still- Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

Yay for sleep, yay for babies venturing into independence!


Yay! Awesome job, mama!! :)


Congrats! I know how much it sucks first-hand, but I also know how very well it can work. It's amazing you were able to do it on your own--brave mama! Isn't it so wonderful when you get enough sleep to be able to enjoy life again? I will warn you, every time my kiddo got sick and/or we traveled and/or there was daylight saving's time and/or the planets aligned funny, we had a sleep regression and had to re-train. You go in to soothe a sick baby one night, and they're like, "YAY! NEW ROUTINE! MOM COMES EVERY TIME I WIMPER!" It took almost a year to get to the point where the kiddo will sleep through almost anything, anywhere, and it has been so, so worth it. (Nothing was as difficult as the very first time we did it, though.)

Good luck. I can't believe you are juggling two babies by yourself. You are my hero. xoxo


Holy cow! Angela, you are a rock star. I am reading this a few days late, and I was afraid to look at the comments--so glad nobody is flaming you here.

My sister was never going to CIO with her kids, and I remember when she finally bought the Ferber book and had to LEAVE THE HOUSE and let dad handle it the first night. I am so impressed that you were able to manage this by yourself.

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