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February 19, 2013



Loooooooved this post! I'm a sucker for a good birth story. I love that you were able to get so many sweet pictures, and that you were smiling in nearly all of them!


So, I think what I miss most about my Facebook break is YOU! I miss pictures of cute, growing babies and reading updates about what they're doing these day :) I absolutely loved reading about your birth experience and seeing these pictures - those girls are such a sweet gift and a miracle from God. I still get all giddy thinking about your journey and how they are really here and loved so much! xo


This was such a beautiful story. I am so so happy for you guy! And thank you for sharing all the details. You did such a great job mamma!!!! :)


I think I just love the most that their delivery was almost uneventful and perfectly wonderful after all you went through to get them here. Like an extra special award for being so patient and gracious after having to face such difficulty with starting a family.


Ahhhh finally! I've been waiting for this beautiful post. I'm so glad everything went so smoothly for you and your little gorgeous ladies. Love, love, love!


Ohhhhh, this is such a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Your girls are so beautiful and I'm so glad you had such a great birth experience. :-)


This post made me just weep! Those photos are incredible, and your babies are prescious. Congrats again.


First of all, were my eyes mistaken, or was that Arrested Development playing on the tv in your delivery room? Bold choice.
Second, in all seriousness, these pictures are lovely and so is your story - congratulations!


Love!! Made me cry! :) Great story> :)

erin - heart in ireland

What wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

elle sees

soooo sweet! i loved this and the video. i'm so glad the girls are a-ok! and they're soooo cute.

The Incubator

I can't stop looking at these beautiful photos -- what a treasured glimpse into one of the most spectacular days of your life. I cannot ever convey how blessed I felt to have been a part of these moments. Hugs --


Oh My!!! I am crying!!!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures and that amazing video. What a wonderful birth story. I am so glad that you all are happy and healthy. Absolutely beautiful. If I wasn't done having kids that would have changed my mind....

A Super Girl

Angela. Seriously. This is amazing. I'm sitting here crying at my desk. The photos of you and Colby, of Colby and your mom, of you and your mom, oh, and the babies. Goodness gracious. What a great story (and so positive and upbeat!) and what wonderful photos.


I was really scared about the whole idea of giving birth, but now that I know popsicles are involved, I'm good.


Amazing! I just love birth stories :-)


CONGRATULATIONS! THis is so incredible! The pictures are fantastic and I'm just so so so so so happy for you.


What a perfect little birth story! You definitely had an incredible birth experience, and considering you had twins, it's just even more impressive.

I also really love your photography. These photos captured the experience perfectly and you'll have them to remember that special day forever. So perfect.


What a beautiful miracle from God. So amazing!

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