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January 28, 2013


Elise Fournet

You are superwoman. Wesley didn't latch, so it was after two weeks of that fight that I dug out the pacifier. He uses it, but isn't an addict. Swaddling kept him from twitching and waking up, but at about 7 weeks he decided that wasn't fun anymore. So I now spend a lot of time leaned over the side of the crib trying to use the force to keep his arms still. Not sure it's the force, but he seems to be spazzing out less. The girls are too cute!

The Incubator

Charlotte is just her sweet little mommy all over again;) And Annabelle is just that added bit of sugar and spice! You are Superwoman because you brought forth these 2 little spits of fire and can handle it! What a powerful combination of energy Colby has going on in that house:)


Sawyer wouldn't take a pacifier for the first few weeks. Then all of a sudden he loved it. It was weird. I still have to swaddle him up tight (he's strong so we're at a triple swaddlers at this point. He can still break out sometimes but his best sleep is always swaddled)) so he doesn't hit himself in the face or claw himself to death (holy razors for fingernails, which, of course, are impossible to cut). I did a bunch of research, fearing I was stunting his growth or making him a cripple by doing that, but it seems fairly common to swaddle some babies for a long time.

I do believe you are superwoman, getting out with two kids. I still barely get out with one!

That are gorgeous girls. You guys do good work!

And it seems I like parenthetically today. Good times.


Ohmygosh typing on my ipad is never a good idea. Forgive me

Old Warrior

So, I'm thinking Charlotte's nickname is starting to point to"Angela - except for you weren't interested in a pacifier at all.


Your girls are precious! I just want to hug them and kiss their little cheeks!!!
You are definitely Superwoman. Just thinking of having two babies at a time makes me want to throw up and hide under a rock. I know I couldn't do it.
I LOVE pacifiers. I don't care what people say about them, they are a God send. And it really isn't that difficult getting rid of them later on. Oliver has been on one from the beginning too and there's never been any nipple confusion.
I think you are doing a marvelous job! Do they not like to be swaddled? That would help the crazy slapping arms, maybe. Also, they'll outgrow the slapping soon and hopefully nap longer stretches!


SWADDLE! Some babies love to be swaddled. Any baby that fights it? Just needs a tighter swaddle. If you can get your hands on a copy of the Happiest Baby on the Block, I strongly suggest it!


You ARE Wonder Woman! And your girls are beyond adorable! Obviously I dot have a whole ton of experience getting babies to sleep, but I watch my friend's 4 month old, and Gripe Water then a binky right aftet helps soothe and get her to sleep like MAGIC. Anyways, you're doing an amazing job!



Kate P

That's a great shot of them both conked out--it IS possible! :)

erin - heart in ireland

So adorable! You are absolutely doing an amazing job :)

And YAY for them both sleeping at the same time!

And I love the military analogy!

PS Yay for blogging again - I've missed you!


Chip was also a super suck-y baby, and we succumbed at 4 weeks (at the advice of my midwife). It took a couple of tries, but luckily he took the first type we tried. You have my sympathy and admiration- dealing with ONE baby who wanted to stay latched all day long was hard enough. For us, the paci meant we could finally swaddle him- he just fought it too hard before. Paci + swaddle was lifechanging for a few months (but we're now dealing with the consequences!)


....PS: despite the pacifier and swaddle, he still wouldn't nap away from me from about 12-16 weeks!


I literally cannot believe how big the girls are getting! They are so gorgeous! So cute, cannot handle it.

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