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November 15, 2012



First of all...I totally started singing Aladdin in my head just after reading your post title. Secondly, your baby girl's are seriously precious! I'm so happy everything is going so well...minus the usual tiredness and sorting out this whole new parent thing. Looks like you're doing great! GO MAMA! :)

To the Nth

They are darling! Also, you totally kick bloggin' behind for taking a few of your precious free moments to update all of us readers on the first couple weeks of your twins' lives. Mad props. :-)


Angela! They are so precious! Congratulations :)


They are amazing.

I was amazed by how loud Hannah could be sleeping, and I'm deaf! I'm sorry about the anxiety, but so glad you're finding something that's working for all of you.


I totally remember feeling like I spent my whole day feeding babies or dreaming about feeding babies and I only had one! I can only imagine how crazy it must be. You are doing great that you could get online and post at all - I was barely conscious the first 3 weeks so I applaud you. :))


So true!!!


They are beautiful! I'm sorry about the nervous breakdown thing...but I am SO impressed by the way you are handling twins. Twins! TWO babies at the same time. I am tired and I only have one baby right now. I am seriously bowing down to you right now! :)
Also, that doctor is a meanie. There are tactful and much more gentle words than "lousy".
Just remember that you are doing the absolute best you can for your girls. No one can dispute that.

Solange too. I have the song stuck in my head now.


They are just so beautiful Angela. You say you don't know how we do it? I could barely manage one at some points and you're doing a GREAT job with two! Just amazing!


Glad you're getting at least a little more sleep! With the girls in their room. :) They are beautiful & am happy for you!!! :)


They are gorgeous, just lovely. Charlotte sounds a little like my Chip! I can't even begin to imagine two- you are just amazing!

Kate P

They look as if they are growing like crazy to me! (And growing in cuteness.) I hope you are able to get a little bit more rest in now with your new strategies in place.

erin - heart in ireland

they are just so adorable! and that is awesome that charlotte can sleep through her sister's noises! hope their doctors appointment goes well! that picture of them on the blanket is just so cute!

precious! loving the updates! my friend had her baby girl twins on thursday! they'll hopefully go home on


I can't believe how absolutely adorable they are! You are so blessed! A whole new world indeed.

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

How do mommy bloggers do it? How do YOU do it? TWO BABIES. TWO NEWBORN BABIES!

They are adorable and I'm beyond delighted for you guys. (Especially the no NICU part! And that your boobs are making milk! Go boobs!) (Are you taking a moment to revel in having bigger boobs? Cause I did. Haa.)

Thanks for the update!


They are beautiful. OMG the two of them together in the green blanket is the cutest thing ever! Congrats on your new, adorable family!


eeee they are just the cutest!! hope the check up went well and you guys are getting some sleep! xoxo


Whew, I need to catch up on my blog friends!

Oh my goodness they're so adorable :) I agree with the other gals, how do YOU do it, you have TWO. I can't imagine even with just one but the fact that you even put up posts since they came along is amazing. I love the two of them together all cuddled up, precious.

And awwh the outfit I sent :) Looks like they'll get more use out of them to grow into! Hang in there girly---we're thinking about you and sending smiles!


Oh my WORD, they are precious! Keep it up - I know you're doing great!


They are so bautiful. Congrats, and I am sure you are doing great!


I am late, but just wanted to say a big Congratulations!!! They are beautiful girls.

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