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November 01, 2012



I would have never thought (however many years ago) when I started reading your blog, that I could be very excited about your two little girls coming into this world. The way you speak about what you have learned, and how much you are looking forward to this next phase of your life brought tears to my eyes. You and Colby are going to be two of the MOST awesome parents ever. You are both so very lucky--and so are those two precious girls.


So so happy for you that this long-awaited dream is about to come full circle for you! Sending you lots of good thoughts over the next few days and weeks. YAY BABIES!


I got goose bumps reading this Angela. I am so excited for you, and for your family. You are going to be an amazing mother! Thank you for sharing this with us!


I've been following yalls journey. I never post, but have been reading your blog for a long time. So excited for y'all. Sending positive vibes and saying prayers. Good luck, you've got this!!


Beautiful post Angel! I won't be nervous for you because I know that you are in good hands with Colby and your mom. I am wishing you a wonderful birthing experience and cannot wait to hear/read about everything. SO excited for you all....sending love, hugs and prayers your way.


I know I don't know you at all but I am SO excited for you four to begin this journey!! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us :)


I'm so excited for you to meet your girls. Also... weirdest fruit ever! ;)

erin - heart in ireland

wonderful post!

i think it's normal to feel this way (not that i've ever been pregnant or a mother) but knowing that your life is going to be completely different tomorrow and that you've waited so long and went through so many struggles to have your girls i imagine it is almost surreal to know that you'll be meeting them so soon!

lots of love, thoughts and hugs!


Ahhhhh! So excited for you! And, as always, you look amazing.


I can't believe the time is nearly here! Which if I feel that way, the feeling must be even more surreal for you! I know that things will turn out amazing for you, I only hope I can have that kind of patience when we start trying to have children! I cant wait to read all about the amazing mother you are going to be!


I will be thinking of you! Best of luck for a healthy and easy delivery!

Congrats to the new parents!!!! I can't wait for every detail!!!


Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy and happy delivery! :)

Kate P

Hooray for green onions and last-minute preparations! Lovely picture; praying and waiting for all the good news. :)


If they're not here by the time this comment comes through, they'll be here soon! I am so anxious/excited for you, and I know I've said this before, but you're the most radiant multiple mom I've seen!


I just realized that you probably have had (or will almost have) the babies. Congrats! I can't wait to see them :)

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