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October 16, 2012



Yikes. Sounds like an eventful weekend for sure!


So glad the girls are staying put and you got to enjoy your shower! It was good that the contractions scare lit the fire to finish up a few things though :) It's SO easy to just lay around the last few weeks and then realize (too late) that you could/should have done soooo many things before the baby comes. Hope the contractions stay away for a while longer!


Oh wow, I thought you were going to tell us at the end of the post that they made an early arrival--so glad they stayed put! Your box is finally going in the mail today! :)


I'm so glad that the babies are still where they need to be and that they are giving you time to get it all together! I figured you have been able to carry them a long time considering they are twins? Not that I know anything really about pregnancy or twins, at least not yet!

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