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October 17, 2012


To the Nth

You look beautiful!


Okay, so... you look STUNNING! Such a beautiful pregnant woman. I love the picture of you and your mom by the way, and the blocks are incredible :)

Stephanie Sortino

I LOVE the sugar and spice onesies. So cute!


You really look great!


What a beautiful shower. I lOVE the blocks. And girl, you are positively glowing! :)


What a fun shower and those blocks are a great idea! And I agree with the other gals----you are rockin' it as a pregnant chick! Great dress and you and your mom are so cute :)

Kate P

Look at all the tiny baby things! What a lovely shower everyone put together for "all three" of you girls. And I looove your shoes. (But please take them off and take it easy for now!)


You look gorgeous! I love that dress and the picture of you and your mom. What a lovely shower!

erin - heart in ireland

omg, those blocks are adorable!

and i love how the girls both have longer names!

and you look amazing! such a great picture of you and your momma!


How in the world can you look that unbelievably gorgeous with that much babies in your belly? So glad you had such a great time. I best get to the post quite soon!


Those. BLOCKS. Wow. Such a wonderfully sweet idea.

At the risk of coming off like a stalker - whenever I don't see you around twitter for awhile I start to wonder if the girls are making their debut. I'm guessing since this post went today you're still cooking them?


You look so amazing, Angela! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And great job at keeping those sweet babies where they belong for so long!

I can't wait to read every single little thing that happens starting soon!

I'm wishing you the best child birthing experience possible and will be a complete NAG a out frequent photos!

Love to you and Colby and the sugar and spice!


I LOVE the blocks! SO cute! Do you even have to let them play w/ them at all?! Can't they just be on display...nursery decor?! ;)

You look SO GOOD!!! So excited for you! :)

Fraulein N

Aw, I'm so excited for you. And you look amazing, of course!


You look stunning! Seriously! Love the blocks, what a great idea.


aw those blocks are so cute! and love the Sugar & Spice onesies, precious. You look too cute with your mom and just so excited for you and the little ladies to make their debut.


You may have felt awful by the end of the baby shower, but you look absolutely beautiful! The phrase "You're all baby" was coined for mamas like you!

Looks like the girls scored some awesome loot. Hope you're feeling well!


Wow, you look gorgeous!!!


Oh my goodness! You look incredible, and that photo with your mom is just wonderful. What a sweet shower.

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