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October 29, 2012


To the Nth

I'll be thinking baby-debut thoughts for you from back here in the States!


You'll forget all about it in a few years and want to do it again.... ;)



Oh! I love snow :) and pine candles and christmas music. Oct-Dec is my fav time of year! We don't get any where we're at now and it's just not the same. Enjoy it a bit for me :)


We routinely have snow here in Colorado Springs early-mid October but then fall makes an appearance again and it doesn't matter because it never sticks to the roads.

Hang in there lady! Did you happen to get my package yet?

Kate P

Looks frosty out there! What did the dogs think of all that? They look engrossed out there.


Aw, I'd love to see some snow :) It looks beautiful! I'm so sorry you're feeling so much pain though :( Labor is hard enough without having to endure it for so long! jeesh.

erin - heart in ireland

hugs! hopefully the girls will be making their appearance soon - but that is awesome that you are a great baby incubator!

the pups seem to enjoy the snow!


You look so pretty! And I know you're ready for them to make their arrival already, but I am glad that you haven't had any trouble towards the end of your pregnancy. You rock! Hugs!


Love the view of the snow! Crazy that it's that time. Sorry to hear you're in pain and having contractions :( Hope the girls are doing okay. Almost there!


my sis and I were full term twins...7.7 and 7.11. I still apologize to my mom :)


Come on girls!! I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you- I was sooo glad my waters broke first, so I knew it was go time when contractions started!


It must be so tough to keep baking them when you are actually having contractions. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your beautiful babies come soon!


Snow!! I can't even imagine the discomfort you must be feeling, but snow!!

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