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October 01, 2012



I'm glad your mom is there! I'm sure she can help with some cleaning till you find someone permanent. ;) Enjoy these days with her before the girls arrive!


I'm officially getting jealous! I want baby girl twins and a house in a German village! But for real, I'm so dang happy for you and Colby!


What a neat festival! It's so great that you mom is there. How long is she staying for?

Kate P

Yay, your mom is there! (But boooo, Colby is away.) Those pumpkin/gourd sculptures are crazy creative.


those pictures crack me up, too cute and too fun. and yay for your fall babies, cannot wait to emeet them :)


I'm glad your mom is visiting! That has to give you some peace of mind. It's all getting so close! You're the most adorable doubly pregnant woman I've ever seen, seriously.

as a pumpkin fanatic i'm LOVING THIS!!! i wish i could visit that. i can't wait for the babies!!

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