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October 30, 2012



Here is my vote....November 1st...Baby A at 10:19am and Baby B at 10:24am.

Good luck!


Baby A - November 2nd, 3:00pm CET
Baby B - November 2nd, 2:57pm CET


My guess is November 7th, Baby A at 10:31am, and Baby B at 10:41am.

erin - heart in ireland

Baby A - November 3 2:34 am
Baby B - November 3 2:40 am


November 3rd, Baby A-7:00 AM, Baby B-7:08 AM.

Good luck!

Kate P

Baby A: Nov. 3, 4:00 p.m. your time

Baby B: Nov. 3, 4:15 p.m. your time.

I've been thinking positively and praying for you all!


Aw! Praying for you!! I am just gonna throw out a guess...

Baby A - November 2, 11:34 am
Baby B - November 2, 11:37 am


I vote November 2 because two of the sweetest people I know (mother in law and best friend, not twins though!) were born November 2!

Baby A: November 2, 4:04 pm
Baby B: November 2, 4:16 pm

Good luck! :)


Okay, since I would never be so mean as to guess (and wish) for you to wait for a c-section, here's my guess.

Baby A (The lovely and talented Charlotte) November 2 at 2:31 pm
Baby B (the mischievous younger sister) November 2 at 2:37 pm

All times CET.
There is a particularly impish part of me that wants Charlotte to arrive at 11:58 PM and Annabelle at 12:06 PM. Twins with different birthdays? What's not to like? I just want them to arrive earlier for your sake! However, if they DO arrive just before and after midnight, I want a consolation prize. Hugs!


Make that 12:06 AM for Annabelle. PM doesn't even make sense!

katie henderson

I'm guessing the girls will make their grand entrance on november 5th. Baby A @ 11 am, Baby B @ 11:15. Good luck!

November 3rd
Baby A 10:30pm
Baby B 11:00pm

Hoping they are both head down and ready to roll!


Sending positive vibes for an earlier healthy birth your way!

How about November 3rd - Baby A @ 4:30AM, Baby B @ 4:36AM.

I too love the idea of twins with different birthdays, but Margaret got there first. That would be so much fun!


Sunday, November 4th

Baby A: 1:11AM
Baby B: 1:19AM

P.S. I've also thought about you giving birth to one before midnight and one after - I wonder how often that happens?!

Sending you lots of hugs and I cannot wait to hear news of these beautiful girls arrival! Although, I must admit it will drive me crazy that I won't know when you're heading to the hospital... xo


My guess is Nov. 3rd
Baby A 9:26 AM
Baby B 9:19 AM


I'm going with November 3 in celebration of Juliet, as her original due date was November 3.

Charlotte: November 3, 12:15am
Annabelle: November 3, 12:17am

You're so close, Mama!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

November 3:
Baby A - 8:40 pm
Baby B - 9:05 pm



What if you had them both on different days. You know, like on either side of midnight?!?
That'd be kind of cool, right?

Here's my guess:
First Baby Girl: November 2 11:55PM
Second Baby Girl: November 3 12:05 AM

{kinda hope I'm wrong and you're actually giving birth right now to two happy, healthy baby girls}


Baby A - Nov 3, 2:08am
Baby B - Nov 3, 2:20am

Good luck riding out these last few days!


I also think it would be really cool if they had separate birthdays!

Charlotte- Nov. 2 at 11:50 pm
Annabelle- Nov. 3 at 12:01 am


So if they are taken c-section , could Annabelle be born first? Hhhmmm?

So my guess is Nov. 7th Annabelle. 1:14 p.m. Charlotte 1:18 p.m.


A - Nov. 1st. 11:57pm
C - Nov. 2nd 12:10am


Baby A -- November 6, at 2:12 pm

Baby B -- November 6, at 2:42 pm


Baby A: November 6 @ 7:15am
Baby B: November 6 @ 7:23am


Baby A on November 6th at 3:02 am (your time)
Baby B on November 6th at 3:21 am (your time)

Erin T.

My guess is that they will come 11/5/12. Baby A at 3:42 pm and baby B at 4:06. No c section required.


I just going to go on a wild hair and say

November 4th:
Baby A: 1:12 a.m.
Baby B: 1:27 a.m.

I can't wait for you to have your little babies!! I'm sure they are going to be adorable! Hang in there, you can make it!!

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