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October 11, 2012



Great post, but I'd have to disagree with you on the idea that Germans are safer drivers. Yes the whole only passing on the left thing is efficient and makes total sense, but I've seen plenty of wrecks on the right behind us a few weekends ago, actually. I've also seen a handful of cars in ditches on various occasions and the police cutting off sections of the autobahn for hours (stuck in a 2 hour stau for rubber-neckers is also a common occurrence). I think the closer you get to a big city (like Frankfurt near where I live) the worse the traffic and drivers get. I'm also pretty sure Germans think they own whatever road they're driving on because if you're in their way, they'll push you right out of it! This is what I get for living in downtown with only street parking. One big HEADACHE! Oh and the priority road thing totally wigged me out, too! It's TOTALLY like Mario Kart! So funny.

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