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October 08, 2012



You look great and I'm so glad to hear the girls are doing so well. And props to you for knowing what a canary melon is, let alone where to buy one (or two!).


Wow, it's amazing to me that at 32 weeks you have more baby in your belly than most women do at 40 weeks. I bet that feels pretty heavy!! Good luck! I hope you can keep those babies in for another month- they are looking like they are about to fall out! ;-)


Great update! Yeah, I'm starting to feel REALLY uncomfortable all the time too, but feel bad complaining. I know it could be worse and hip pain is better than pre-e...but still. OW!

You look FABULOUS and not swollen at all to me! Keep up the good work. I am right behind ya!

Labor and Delivery

Nice pictures!! Are colds and flues are harmful to the developing babies?


You are getting SO close! And as always, you are beautiful. :)


You look amazing!

I hope your babies have a lot of hair like those pineapples. =)

Kate P

They're growing like weeds--or is it squash and melons? I think they both are at weights higher than my baby nephew's when he was born 2 months early, and that was almost a year ago now. Time definitely does fly, and in the most exciting way. :)

Keith F

Yikes, there is something especially cringe-worthy about the idea of giving birth to pineapples. You look fantastic though! I hope the remaining weeks go well :)


Stumbled upon your blog today and am so excited to follow along. Your maternity pics are the cutest- between posing with the approximate sized veggies and the name tag picture- so much adorable-ness and creativity! Prayers for the safe delivery of your girls <3

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