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September 21, 2012



Oh man, not cool. I hope the warranty can cover it! I understand your pain though pertaining to money woes and especially car repairs. We were half way to our small weekend trip getaway last month and our transmission went down the tubes. My husband is a mechanic and he didn't think we'd be able to even get home! We did but it was a long day. So after plopping down $3,000 for a rebuilt transmission then we also had the exterior repairs for our house that we had to do, no more putting it off, and that was another $6,000. ::sigh::

I know it's stressful. But just think how wonderful life will be when those little girls get here soon. Yes, finances suck, but like you said you guys aren't poor or anything and that comes smart saving all these years. That padding is saving your buns now :)


Aw, Angel... I'm so sorry. Y'all just can't catch a break! I'll keep my fingers crossed about that warranty.


Car problems are the most annoying things. You think that when you buy a car everything on should work fine for a good long while. Obviously you have to do your basic maintenance but the big things should last. Stupid cars. I really hope your warranty covers it. You have had a ton of crap karma...hopefully nothing else bad goes wrong and you can enjoy the rest of this year in peace. :)


What a pain! Cars are inordinately stressful--I hope this mysterious warranty kicks in for you. Geez.

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