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September 17, 2012



You are just so cute. And I bet those little English cucumbers will be extra cute, too!


This is so exciting!!! For a woman pregnant, on top of that with twins, you're looking smashing dawling! :) Hang in there...your arms with be full with two adorable little girls before you know it!

P.S. If you're okay with giving out your full name and mailing address I'd love to send you baby gifts! I think you have my email address?


Adorable! Nobody should be that stinking cute with a whole Vegetable stand in their belly. ;)
And that glucose test sounds horrible.

Account Deleted

i feel so happy and it reminds me of the days when i was pregnant. Why dont you try wearing some funny t-shirts so that you can feel funny too.. :) just joking . .. all the best...i wish the baby is healthy and keep on having the sexy veggies.


You look fabulous! The BJCS is a great choice. Every mom I know with one (either twins or two kids close in age) absolutely LOVE theirs. Plus it is pretty stylish for a double stroller. :)


You look great :) Good job Colby for nesting along with you! It must feel good to get things put away and assembled with time to spare. You definitely don't want to be running around at the last minute or worse once the girls are out to get things in order. You will not have the time or energy or even desire to assemble anything in the first few weeks.
It's so great that you passed your 3 hour test...that must have been horrible. I actually enjoyed the taste of the orange drink but I don't think I would have handled it well after 4 hours plus fasting. Yuck.You are a trooper!


eeee it's just all so exciting!! love seeing the baby stuff assembled and your fruit pics, too cute.


Oh my gosh, you look great! Seriously ... you're so lucky to have the glow. I know you have a few more weeks to go, and they may not be the most pleasant, but damn. At 30 weeks, I felt and looked like a greasy whale. Go you!

A Super Girl

So...I have an apron from Etsy in the same fabric of the blue/yellow flower fabric that's on your right stroller. I love it!

You're looking good, definitely have the pregnancy glow :-)


You look ridiculously amazing, and I'm so excited that everything is coming up so soon for you!

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