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September 06, 2012



Pregnancy without sugar is the worst!!! My GD was discovered at only 2 months in with Sophia because there was an ungodly amount of sugar in my pee and I went 5 1/2 months with no sugar. A lot of people fail the first test. A tip for your 3 hr one is walk around in between blood draws. Walking/excercise brings down blood sugar. Good luck!


Great update! 2 hours of walking? Bravo, lady!

I agree things are starting to move fast. And things are getting weird. I have a whole new layer of forehead hair fuzz (like the shark-teeth of bangs), and stretchmarks, but hardly any linea nigra. My cankles are a daily battle. And oh, my hip/pelvic pain! Ouchie!

Can't wait to see a final nursery :)


I can't wait to see more of the nursery. I hope you pass the 3-hour test with flying colors!


I love that I get a preview of my next few months from you albeit I've only got one. but knowing the anxiety before the appointments won't go away and the absolutely weirdest feeling of growing something inside you is NoRMAL makes me feel a little more sane and not so alone :) thank you for your honesty....those two girls are going to be so darn lucky!!


So yeah, pregnancy symptoms are quite weird, ha. And your nursery will be so cute, I know it! Hurrah drama free bed assembly :)


I think what excites me most about a future pregnancy is the fact that I will get to design a nursury! And I just cann't wait to see yours! I love the walls a lot! Plus you picked out the sweetest southern names :)

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