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August 24, 2012


The Incubator

Can't wait to see more -- and so glad you got to have this experience while still a "young couple"!!:) Did you see signs on Lionheart there?

elle sees

i want to visit there! my friend is 23 weeks with twin girls, so i keep telling her about your blog! she doesn't even have email (seriously) though.
kudos for the TMBG title reference!!
having synesthesia, i'm awful with directions. awful.

erin - heart in ireland

that looks like an amazing trip! istanbul is one of my top places i need to visit!

but boo for the airline giving you so many problems - did you have any issues on the way home?


Wow that looks amazing. Jealous of all of your European travels! Ugh that stuff is so close over there.

Kate P

Already the beginning of the story sounds cool! Eagerly awaiting more. :)


At the risk of sounding like a weird bloggy stalker, I've been avoiding your blog in my reader all week so that I could sit down and read about your trip and not have to rush! IT'S FINALLY TIME!!!

Your trip through the airport sounds like something out of a romantic comedy - actually getting lost in Turkey could probably be included in the movie too- I'm so glad they let you fly in the end!

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