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August 29, 2012



Sounds awesome!! I can't wait to go to Turkey next year!


All that sounds amazing! I would love to go to Istanbul and do that food tour! Thanks for all the descriptions of the food, that's always my favorite part.


Amazing, just amazing!! The memories, experiences and photos from all these trips are priceless :) Any plans for a big photo album or compiling the photos into a printed photo book through a company where you get to make the book layout yourself? But to taste the authentic food, I'm so jealous! And I know I just tweeted you but I need to give a virtual high five to you about that dress in this post you're wearing---looking fab missy!


Glad you had a great trip! service ice cream. Did they have Ben and Jerry's?


Thank you SO much for taking such wonderful pictures. I am loving your Turkey recaps. It looks absolutely amazing!


So, you know all that food makes me want to visit Turkey even more. But, I have to say that the coffee is a little bit scary. I had no idea it was THAT thick. Wowzers.
Beautiful views and you look fantastic in that black dress. What a perfect travel ensemble.


Got your blog address from Janet (Love is Blonde) as we're going to Turkey next week! These posts are making me even more excited - which I didn't think possible. I had to comment on this particular post for two reasons:
1- a food tour? girl! you are speaking my language. definitely signing up for that!
2- unborn fetus sized shirts had me cracking up.

You are rocking everything you wore, too. I hope I can look that classy and I'm not pregnant with twins. :)

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