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July 31, 2012



Awwwwww, beautiful! What great sister names.

Also, I'm super jealous that you have yours named...we aren't quite there yet and it's HARD!!

Will you call them Charlie and Annie? Because I'm kind of in love with those nicknames.


AWW! I love your names. They are simply beautiful and sound very nice together. I also love that you shared how/why you chose them and the symbolism. I never thought how hard it must be to name twins, especially when you like pick the name for the specific twin. So now you know which baby is which. I don't think that part of my comment made sense, so I hope you know what I mean! I love the names!


LOVE both of theose names, great choices!


Mawwww! Cutest names ever! Love them! Shawn and I have a running Word document of baby names we like - because heaven knows I won't remember them when I actually AM pregnant.


And here I thought we'd have to wait until November to find out.. Love those names together :) Two beautiful names for two beautiful girls!


Yay for baby names! They're beautiful! It's super hard & stressful naming humans isn't it?


I absolutely LOVE those names!!! (This baby was going to be Charlotte had he been a girl). Seriously, what's wrong with hoop skirts and oak trees??? I LOVE Gone with the Wind.
I'm so glad you decided to share your names!!!It's so hard coming up with just the right name. I too grew up with a name I didn't really like. Honestly, it wasn't until college that I truly began to love my name. Your daughters will love them. They are classic names. No one will mess them up and they sound great for a baby, child and adult. Great job!


Love the names! Classic! I've not had to name humans yet, but man. I can imagine the pressure! :)


aw i love the names and love how much meaning is behind each one. so sweet and just so exciting!


Such beautiful, beautiful, beautiful names.


Those names are beautiful & i love this post! Charlotte is one of my favorite girl names. I think it is so strange that there are a lot of girl's names i didn't care for growing up & now i LOVE. Or i thought were old fashioned & now i love! I don't remember not liking Charlotte but a year or so ago heard it & just loved it!

That is so funny that you wanted to be a Stephanie. I can't remember what name i wanted but i didn't like Melissa for a long time! Haha. I know i used to want SEVEN kids (before my nanny years haha) & my oldest was always Alayna & I always had twins - Haylie & somebody - i can't remember! Hahaha.


LOVE the names you and Colby have chosen! They're classic and feminine and just lovely. :)


I am SO glad Annabelle Claire won out. I LOVE that name. I love both the names. Now I'm crying again over these two little ladies. I'm so scared at what's going to happen when I see them for real the first time. Probably I'll explode on them.


Love. Love. Love. Beautiful choices. Classic, feminine and meaningful. Pretty much perfection.


I love those names!

Kate P

Yay! How lovely!

(Also: I think it takes guts to reveal the names in advance, regardless of how nice they are, so you are far braver than I would be!)


Gorgeous picture of the girls and great names to match. I can only imagine how daunting it is to pick them.

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