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July 12, 2012



I just had to replace the AC unit on my rental too. Just replaced the compressor ($500) last summer, but the lines were cut. So that was $5000, give or take, because I also had to replace the blower and all the refrigerant. Ugh. As for the car, depending on what the issue is, there's probably someone on base who would be willing to take a look at it and at least tell you what's wrong. The TDY timing sucks... but don't borrow worries. October is next fiscal year and you never know what will happen. Dates slide all the time. Hang in there. Life is overwhelming all at once, so just take it one day at a time!


I'm so sorry that the bad luck streak is continuing - here's hoping it gets lots better, really soon! The only experience I have with any of that is the BH contractions: mine started around 19 weeks and totally freaked me out, but proved to be totally fine (just like the doctor said it was). Now that I'm actually on contraction watch, of course, BH haven't been seen in weeks. ;) Hope you can do something cheery and happy this Friday the 13th!


Ugh... Angel, I'm so sorry. When it rains it POURS, eh? Love you.


Ugh, I'm so sorry you are going through all this, especially while you are pregnant, and everything seems 10,000x worse. Hoping and praying that your streak of bad luck will turn into a streak of great luck very soon! Someday, I think, you will laugh about all of this that happened... I hope! Haha. :) Sending good luck vibes to you!


UGH! What a crazy amount of crap to be dealing with. I really hope that all works out quickly and not as expensive as you think.
I have no idea what TDY means but I'm assuming it has something to do with Colby being gone for a month. Bad timing sure, but maybe something will change?
It makes sense that you'd start BH contractions earlier since you're having twins. Definitely talk it over with your doc but they're really nothing to worry about. If they come close together, frequently and you get no relief from shifting positions/walking around then you may be having real contractions- I'm sure your doc will explain all of that :)
I completely forgot tomorrow was Friday the 13th! Some people believe that day brings GOOD luck.....

erin - heart in ireland

big hugs!

sorry to hear about everything!
is there somewhere on base you can take the car to get looked at?


I know when it rains, it pours. Hope it gets better for you!


oh goodness friend i'm sorry! keeping my fingers crossed that the 13th is an easy breezy day.


I'm so sorry things have been so icktastic. :( I am completely over home warranty companies and am convinced they are there just to rip people off. They won't replace anything unless it would cost more to repair than to replace. This resulted in us being out of a dryer (not as important as a/c) last summer for 5 weeks while the shoddy contractor they used continually ordered the wrong parts, lied to us about it, repeat, until they finally REWIRED our dryer. Uhh... But! Streaks can't go forever... That's why they are streaks! Thinking about you! And like Mandy said, I hope the new fiscal year throws off Colby's potential October TDY!


UGH. I'm sorry to hear about the stuff back at home in the states and that the BH contractions have started. Take a break and day in bed. That photo you posted of the german ice cream with Scarlett O'Hara on the cover looked really good!

Kate P

I am all for lying low. . . and I'll say a prayer things get better!


Hope you survived the day! Things have got to turn around right?!?

Elle Sees

sweety my heart is just aching! some awful stuff for you! it'll all work out.
ps==bb creams are all you wear. no need for primer or to use as one.

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