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July 03, 2012


erin - heart in ireland

Wow, that is completely unprofessional! Especially the any further communication won't be looked at. How do you run a business like this?


Enjoy the 4th!


I agree. Completely unprofessional, rude and completely uncalled for. I hope you get your check soon. That is ridiculous!

Kate P

I'm sorry you had to go through this, but I'm kinda glad you got the nasty responses in writing. Just in case you have to go to that last resort. But, I hope not!


I have no words and cannot even fathom having to deal with this from overseas! Hope you get what is due to you.


Wow, she sounds like a peach. I really hope you get your check even though I would totally want to write the BBB too and get her rude butt taken down a few pegs. Is there anyone above her that you can contact? Even if you do get your check someone should hear about her unprofessional and rude behavior.


I would think that the military might not want to contract with someone who would treat you with such an unprofessional attitude. Perhaps you could find out who her contact is and let them know she is rude and mean and messing with the wrong chick who grew a backbone.

(Alternately, you could just send me her address and I could drive up and kick her ass. I haven't been to Charleston in a while.)


Omg! I just got so freaking mad & i didn't even deal with her! I can't stand businesses who do things like this!! There is no one above her head you can send this story to???


ugh, this is awful/nuts! that woman sounds so unprofessional! i hope this works out for you soon, i can't even imagine how frustrating all of it is.


How absurd! I would have been boiling.

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