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July 05, 2012


erin - heart in ireland

So pretty! I love all of the day trips you are able to make!

And hopefully the third try at IKEA is s charm!


I love the pics! Charming is definitely the right word :)
Enjoy the gelato! Remember your body is about 10 degrees warmer while pregnant so stay cool because it most certainly IS hot! It's only in the high 70s here and I feel like I'm boiling.
Ikea is crazy. I hope you all win round 3!!!


I just watched an episode of House Hunters International that (or was it something on the Food Network?) anyway took place in Strausbourg! Your pictures are lovely. What an amazing adventure you're having, Angela! Ikea and all!! xo


SO BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for posting the pictures, because I am living vicariously through your experiences!

And DARN ikea! I love it there, but they can be so confusing!


Ha ha! I feel that way about churches as well as town squares and piazzas. Once you've seen one or two, they all start to look the same. I'm sure that makes me sound like a really jaded OCONUS wife.


SO GORGEOUS! I went to Strasbourg a very long time time ago and would love to visit again. Seeing your photos brings back so many memories!


The cathedrals are all nice, but my favorites are the blink-and-miss-em churches - they tend to have just as much history in a itty-bitty package. Rome is full of 'em.


Damn, girl. I am SO behind on my blogs. I checked out for a while there, JUST before your big announcement. Huge congrats to you, two babies! And in Europe, nonetheless. You're in for a wild, wonderful ride. I promise to check in more often, I am kicking myself for being so late to the party. Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Love to you and your growing family.

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