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July 16, 2012



Wow, just beautiful! That photo with all the flowers lining the bridge, well what looks like a bridge to me, is just gorgeous! But the entire area just is amazing, so historical and beautiful. :)


Oh my gosh. I just about died because of the gorgeousness of the pictures. Absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking even. How awesome for you to see it in person!


I loved Luzern!!! So beautiful :) I swear we have identical pictures of the bridge and Mt. Pilatus. Even the one of the musicians! Glad you had a great time before the AC and car roller coasters...hopefully more good times are ahead!

Kate P

These photos are beautiful! What a great little tour.


I agree the Lion was surprisingly touching. Next time you go, grab a bottle of wine and some snacks and hop on the train to Stanz - its only a short ride and you can sit in the grass at the end of the Pilatus test field, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and watch them test the most awesome planes ever :)

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