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July 30, 2012



Spaghetti ice cream?? Can you please expound upon that? I'm not sure whether to imagine ice cream over noodles topped with marinara or spaghetti flavored ice cream topped with marinara.... or maybe there's no marinara involved whatsoever.

Kate P

I could totally go for some spaghetti ice cream--looks yummy! Your weekend sounded super fun. I'm thinking positive thoughts for the car. There's got to be a more reasonable solution somewhere.


sounds like a lovely weekend to me. and i'm pretty sure there is no movie after batman thank goodness, but you're right it's definitely set up as a potential.

hope your week continues to be lovely and stress free!


Spaghetti and ice cream just aren't things I crave together...hmm. You've needed a calmer weekend, and I'm glad you got it!

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