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July 23, 2012



My head was spinning too when I decided to do a one month trial with jillians diapers. I am really glad I went that route because we ended up choosing not to cloth diaper after really giving it a try for the solid 30 days. Here were my issues: our washing machine is a bit on the old side and couldn't handle all the spinning. With a Pre-soak and extra rinse, we had 4 spin cycles per diaper load and it was just too much. My husband was already skeptical of CD without the added expense of a new washer.

It is great that Colby is on board, that will help a lot!

Another issue that I had was that using a diaper sprayer I still had water kind of splash all over when I sprayed a diaper. This really grossed me out seeing the drops flying everywhere I felt like I needed to Clorox the bathroom each time. Some CD mamas told me they had a method down that didn't splash everywhere but I never got it down!

One of the great benefits of doing the trial was seeing how different brands really worked with my daughter. I thought I would love the Grovias but found in practice they didn't wick that well. Of course the ones I liked the best were fuzzi bunz sized diapers which were more expensive since I would need to buy a stash in each size.


Looks like I reached the limit- oops! Anyway the last issue I had was my daughter needed to be changed almost each hour to not get diaper rash whereas the disposables I could go two to three hours without issue.

I have a good friend who CDs an I know it can be done successfully- it just wasn't for us. There are so many nice people online (the cd message board on the bump for example) who can help give you tips! Good luck!


Hey girl! Obviously, i know NOTHING, but i did part-time nanny some twin girls & they were cloth diapered. It wasn't hard either! Of course, I was the nanny & didn't have to do much (if anything - this was probably 10 years ago, so the memory is foggy!) in the way of laundry! But i sent your link to their mama, maybe she can help some!


Ok. I've been just waiting for you to ask us about cloth diapers! Here's my two cents. Since Urijah was small when he was born, I held off on using cloth right away, and used preemie and newborn disposables. I had stocked up on the Fuzzibunz Pocket one sizes and tried them out, but they leaked almost immediately every time I put them on him. So frustrating! The seam where the fleece lining was sewn to the PUL outer was not "enclosed" in anyway around his legs...meaning that you could see the fleece sticking out around his legs and so when he would pee and it would absorb into the fleece, any clothes that were touching the diaper around the legs would also absorb. Grrr...I tried all the different sizing adjustments, washing them more, using less detergent, etc. Still with the leaking.

SO I sold them all and tried out the Thirsties Duo Wrap with snaps and I LOVE them. They are fantastic! I use the Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo inserts and also love them. ( They are 2 layers that snap together - one layer of fleece that goes against baby's skin, and a layer of cotton/hemp blend - super absorbent! You snap them apart for drying - the hemp is really absorbent, so they take a bit longer to dry, so that's why they snap apart. But they take like 2 minutes to snap them all back together when the laundry is done. Easy. And like you said, it is really nice that with the covers, you can re-use the same one several times without washing. Sometimes a little pee soaks through and the PUL feels damp, so I just set that one aside and use a clean one and by the next diaper change, the other one has dried and I can get another use or two out of it before I feel like it should really go into the wet bag. :)

Also, the Thirsties Diaper Pail liner (wet bag) works great at keeping smells in (I have two and cycle them since one is usually in the wash.) And per Amalah's advice, I started using Charlie's soap for the dipes and it works great so far. No issue with smell or anything. The inserts do get stained from poop, but so far nothing that a couple hours in direct sunlight hasn't completely fixed.

I use a disposable for overnight because he is a pretty heavy wetter and I'm just lazy enough that I don't want to deal with additional inserts.

So, my best advise would be is, since you are going to wait a bit before using cloth anyhow, go ahead and buy a couple types of diapers and try them on the girls first while you are still using disposables (which it sounds like you are planning to do, so good. Don't stock up all on one thing like I did. I thought that since the Fuzzibunz worked great for my niece, of course they would be great for Urijah, too. Nope. Different baby, different body type.

(Also, be forewarned that since cloth diapers are bulkier than disposables, I've had to go up a size for a lot of clothes in order for them to fit. Onesies have to stretch farther to cover that extra bulk to snap between the legs, so keep that in mind. Baby clothes are designed to fit over the trimmer disposables. That was something I never knew or thought of beforehand.)

Ummm...I think that's all. Hope it's helpful in some way!


OOps...advice, not *advise*

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

My 2+ cents:

Disposable liners - we use them when traveling, when using not-CD-approved diaper rash salves (I use coconut oil when it's not a fungal diaper rash - great for CDs!) Not really neccesary when they're little and their poop doesn't need to be removed (if they're drinking breastmilk).

Snappis - We used to use them A LOT, then realized it's just as easy to tuck the

Covers - My favorites are the Bummis. The Thirsties velcro was shot long ago. The Bummis velco has stayed strong. This is a moot point if you're getting snaps. Velcro is great for getting tiny newborns in diapers, though.

We use about half Fuzzibunz, half prefolds and covers. Mike REALLY prefers FB (because they are easier to use), and I only sort of prefer them. They are easier to spray poop off of and easier to throw in our diaper bag. Of course, we got them ALL free as gifts and such. We just got the try it pack from Cotton Babies and ended up buying a few more prefolds and covers.

All of that said - you are way, way, way more prepared then I was. Pretty much all of the diapers are on the market because they work, so you'll get all kinds of people telling you that their diapers are great. Because they probably are. (Except GroVia and their stupid inserts and awful velcro. And GDiapers' velcro is also pretty bad)

Finally - you are not crazy at all! In fact, it makes MORE sense to cloth diaper twins because you will save incredible amounts of money. Have you seen Jennandtonica's blog? She cloth diapers TRIPLETS AH!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

Oh! And for nighttime, I tried doubling up on prefolds, but that was laughably HUGE. Blueberry's bamboo inserts and the hemp ones are great!

Operation Pink Herring

I think you will be surprised how much people LOVE talking about cloth diapers!

We started out using prefolds with snappis, with Thirsties Duo Snap Wraps as covers. I hated them and demanded we buy an entire stash of Fuzzibunz One Size. At first they were laughably huge and bulky, but once Hannah hit 10lbs or so they fit much better. Although they're super bulky on a small baby, I think I'd still go with one size rather than have to buy small, medium, and large sized FBs. BUT! By the time Hannah fit in the really well, I had started to hate the goddamn things. I think this MAY be a problem with our HE washer (which has no option to add extra water), but they repel (don't absorb) like crazy. If I drip water on them as a test, it beads up and I can pour it right off. Which is exactly what happens when Hannah pees in them - it runs right off and soaks her outfit. I have tried EVERYTHING to strip them - seriously, everything, MULTIPLE TIMES - and I cannot get them to stop repelling. In desperation, I went back to our old prefolds while I spent two entire days stripping the FB yet again. And I was shocked at how much I loved them. The difference is I realized you don't even need a snappi with the Thirsties wraps. You can just fold the prefold in thirds, lay it in the cover, and snap the whole thing on the baby. I love them.

I will say, that once she started rolling/trying to stand up during diaper changes, getting the FB on was WAY easier than prefolds/Thirsties cover. I just wish the damn things worked. I have had no trouble with the prefolds repelling, even using (cloth safe) diaper rash cream every day to prevent diaper rash. They're so easy to wash, and so much cheaper. I'm a prefolds convert.

I think your plan sounds really good and reasonable! You might want a few pockets or AIOs to use when you're out of the house, but I honestly find prefolds just as easy to use when we're out. With garbage pickup like that, you will not want 20 diapers a day piling up in your house. But, remember that you don't have to go 100%. I am using a disposable on Hannah overnight so I can load her up with heavy duty rash cream and not worry about her soaking through her diaper when she sleeps for 12 hours. And I use them when I travel.

Hannah goes through about 8-10 diapers a day. I change her really frequently because she's really prone to rashes (even in disposables). When she was a newborn it was probably more like 10-12 diapers a day. So I think your target of 50-60 is perfect. We get by with 24 prefolds and 5 covers - it's plenty. If we ever run out of prefolds, I just use two of the smaller size while the laundry runs (or use a disposable!).

To answer your specific questions:

Should we use Snappis? NO! They suck!
Is hemp really that much better than microfiber? Hemp doesn't repel and is super duper absorbent. I use hemp inserts as doublers when we're going to be out for a long time (I use and love the Joey Buns ones)
How many additional inserts should we plan to have on hand in case of heavy wetters? I'd start with 3 per baby, and see how you like them. Then order more if you need them.
Can you use an additional insert inside of the prefold to help with a diaper lasting through the night when that day finally comes? Yup! You don't even have to put it inside the prefold, you can just put it over or under in the cover.
Are disposable liners as awesome as they seem, or just a waste? Never used them, so no advice. I do have the reusable fleece liners by Bummis to help keep wetness off her butt, and they work well. But they are prone to repelling like all fleece, so there's that.
Do I seem like I have a handle on this, or are you sitting there laughing at me? You have a handle on it!

Amy Robinson

I used cloth almost exclusively with Devin. It wasn't nearly as bad as you might think. An extra load of laundry here and there, a little extra planning when you go out and NO running out to buy diapers when you run low or out.
I initially bought (like you are thinking) multiple different styles sizes of diapers to try out. I think they are all doable but, if or when I have another bundle of joy I will use disposable until the umbilical cord is no longer a problem and until they slow down on the frequency of diaper changes (2 weeks or so?). Then, once the baby is big enough to fit into the BumGenius Elemental use ONLY this diaper. I had the 4.0 Velcro with Devin and loved them with the exception of the Velcro. I had 16 diapers total and never had a problem keeping them clean.
If I were to suggest a type of diaper to use before the BumGenius it would definitely be the fitted diapers. Although you still need a cover they are amazingly soft and fit so much better than the stuffed diapers for the little bitty babies.
As far as going out, I think the GroVia or other hybrid diapers are the way to go. While I always either switched to disposable or carried a small wet bag and extra diapers while out the next time around I will most definitely be trying out the hybrids!
I never needed the spray hose (I just swished it around a bit and almost never touched anything nasty)and a wet bag right next to the toilet. Make sure you have multiple wet bags to replace the ones in the wash!
Devin never had a major case of diaper rash. I think for the most part cloth diapered kids have fewer rashes because you have to change them so often and you can't use all the chemical rash creams on them.
It's wonderful that you are both on board with this decision! You will do great no matter what you decide.


Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience, but I do remember this fairly detailed post:

Perhaps it can help you too.


Oh girl. I have more to say than will fit in this post. A few bullet points:

* You are brilliant to begin with disposables. No matter what blogs say, there was NOTHING that worked on my itty bitty baby until she hit about 8 or 9 lbs. After that we never had a blow out with cloth, at least with prefolds, which was our main one. Never. For realz. (But I hear we are in the minority.)

* Prefolds are the most adaptable to different body types. I think this is a great way to go until you see what kind of babies you have. We used Snappis the whole time and loved them. We also used Thirsties for covers, and they worked great. Velcro, I found, was a little more adaptable to the constantly changing sizes, and never wore out in the two years we used it.

* Disposable inserts are AWESOME for traveling. We used GDiaper inserts in our GroVia covers, despite the fact that they stuck up waaaaay far in the back past the cover. We found they contained poop better than the GroVia inserts. It was never a problem, other than aesthetically, but really a non-issue since they're covered by clothes.

* It really does depend on the baby. My reflux-y, skinny baby fit perfectly in GroVias and prefolds. Every other pocket or AIO I tried was a little too bulky. Most of our other CD-ing friends felt the GroVias were a bit tight on their chunky babies.

* The cloth diapering chat room on BabyCenter was by far and away the best resource I found. A wealth of easy-access information, and on-demand advice and suggestions. I am guessing you're already on there, but if not, GET THEE THERE POST HASTE.

* My last point, do NOT spend a ton of money on cloth diapers to begin with. Get a few to try. I know too many women who went a little CD-ing/nesting-crazy and spent a fortune buying all these cute diapers while they were pregnant...only to give up and not use them after the baby was born. HUGE waste of money. I don't want to discourage you, it can be great, but it is not for everyone, and ultimately, most people don't see the cuteness and then they're potty-trained before you know it.


You have a great handle on this. Your plan is stellar for twins - it's what my friend does who has twins, too:) Pre-folds overs, with pockets AIOs for outings. Only thing, I'd go for 60 dipes total. You will need the cushion when you start. Especially if you're going pre-folds. Just order another 6-12. Ella would be down to her last dipe, cutting it real close a lot, and I was washing every other day, and I had 26 dipes when I started. In end, it will be worth it. Now your questions...

*We use Snappies with our contours and pre-folds. They are great. As the get older, you can fold and insert, but with all that BM poop? Use a Snappi.

* Hemp is great. Super absorbent. Great to double up with at night. You don't need to buy a ton, especially if you're using organic cotton prefolds, but it will help to have a few hemp doublers or flats on hand. So versatile. Plus, you can't put microfiber against a baby' skin. We only use microfiber when it's stuffed in a pocket diaper during the day, so it will be changed very two hoursish.

*I'd get an extra dozen inserts for two babies - half perhaps in some organic fibers (hemp, bamboo, organic cotton.) Great for night. Or errands when you don't want to change a dipe but need it to last, say, an extra hour.

*You can use extra inserts with the pre-folds at night-time. We do. Hemp only:) Just make sure those inserts aren't microfiber. If they are, make sure they have a fleece topper or something to protect their skin. (Flip Stay-Dry inserts are like this - fleece topper over a microfiber insert.)

*Disposable liners are a total waste IMO. I do have some fleece liners from Bummis that are cheap that I use with pre-folds to help keep her skin dry. But there are just to many good, CD-friendly creams out there, in case of a rash, which is the original reason for the liners. Waste of money, IMO.

Email me with any questions, girl. You can do this!


OK I don't know about this but I asked my cousins who use cloth diapers and she says BumGenius have worked awesome for them. Once I decide to have babies, I will read this post and it will make sense to me then. :)

Old Warrior

Flashbacks to the 70's and no LSD required.

I've watched/listened to this discussion a few hundred times in the last 40 years and have yet to see even the most determined Earth Mother/Hippie stick it out with cloth diapers for very long. Factors:

- Mess, smell, and yuck associated with storing cloth diapers
- Convenience of disposables
- Everybody knows how disposables work so the chances of getting help is greatly increased
- Disposables are sized so they fit better and are less likely to leak
- Dollar cost and impact on the environment are both lower when you figure in hot water, electricity and wear/tear to run washers/dryers, soap, manufacturing, liners, etc.
- Time associated with pre-wash, washing, transferring, drying, removing, sorting, folding, storing - repeat, repeat, repeat.
- When leaving home you have to pack, transport and store clean and used diapers with limited methods for sorting liners vs. keep, and pre-wash
- Did I mention convenience and getting help?

The convenience/time saving factor is pretty critical even with just one bambino. I'm thing that twins would make a few minutes saved out of each hour for one a pretty significant consideration.

Just a few thoughts from a life-lone Martian. I understand that on Venus the sky has a different color.

Elle sees

They'll only get diaper rash if they sit and sit in wet diapers.


You have plenty of advice here, clearly, but we're coming up on 18 months of cloth with a mix of FuzziBunz and BumGenius and are starting potty training, so feel free to email me with any questions at all!

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