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July 17, 2012



Mmmmmmm.....Swiss chocolate! Glad your dogs are good tourists too :)

Elle sees

I think ivebeen there....


Gorgeous! I need to get back to Switzerland, forgot how amazing it is. Jealous you guys get to travel so much!

Old Warrior

After three days of 105 to 110 degrees with blowing sand and dust in "beautiful" Dubai, I think I'll suggest that the Navy move my contract to Bern.

On another note - horizontal stripes? I guess you were just making sure the ogres took note of the tasty morsels you're incubating for them.


As I was reading this, I kept thinking, "Where's the chocolate?" And then I saw it. Glad you got some!


So pretty! We've only been to the Rhinefalls in Switzerland and have Zermatt on our list for skiing in 2014...might have to add Bern AND Lucern to our list, too!


goodness this trip looks gorgeous! switzerland is very much on my visit one day list and this post only helped solidify that.

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