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June 19, 2012



Ahhh I love Doners!! I don't care what anyone says...they're great! And a nice departure from the typical German schnitzel and sausages. You can only eat so many of those. Haha. Hate to hear getting settled is taking a bit longer than you'd expected, but once it happens, you'll look back on all the moving troubles and laugh! Can't wait to see photos of Switzerland! We're heading down to Lake Constance for 5 days in July and plan on crossing the lake to Switzerland while were there! :)


Okay, that gyro looking sandwich looks INCREDIBLE! Moving is so UNfun. Boooo. It sounds like you're enjoying things though. YAY! Loving the photos. Keep them coming.

The Incubator

I love your cows:) They do look so peaceful and so National Geographic worthy! Soooo glad you are reunited with your cloudy mattress. At least after all your hard work of the day (and maybe in between times during the day) you have some really nice quality time to slumber peacefully;) Hugs and kisses!


Oh wow, I guess settled isn't happening quite yet, but yay, you are now one step closer! :) The view is gorgeous, by the way and I'm glad you're enjoying it all so much!


mmmm... that gyro thing looks yummy! Ugh. I hate moving! I can't even imagine doing it the way you're doing it. Thanks for all the pics :) I love seeing the beautiful countryside.
I'm glad you have your home comforts even though you're not getting your loaner furniture yet. July 9th will be here before you know it!


We did the doner kebab in Istanbul. It's considered their street food for about $5 for a kebab and a coke. OMG!!!I could have lived off of these things!! :) Super yum :)

I am happy you and Colby are finally getting your stuff and feeling a bit more settled.

We *might be in Sweden in about a year so I definitely want us to consider taking a detour through Germany :)

erin - heart in ireland

yay for your own bed! doesn't that make a world of difference!

hope the unpacking is going well!

Can't wait to hear about Switzerland!


Glad your stuff is there! Even if you have to climb over the other crap to get to it!


OMG Doner Kabobs. You are really taking me back now. Glad you guys are getting settled, even if there is a delay until July 9 with the furniture


Good. I hope our stuff shows up in 6 weeks too. We're actually borrowing furniture from a retired friend of Dave's, and have internet and phone but no hot water because the leasing agent neglected to mention that the hot water heater is gas. We only figured it out after realizing the fireplace is gas. (Dryer and stove are electric. Weird, right?)

Take it easy though, growing tiny humans is hard work and you need to treat your body nicely!

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