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June 27, 2012


The Incubator

This is yet another chapter in that book you should be writing. Each move has its own personality -- and there are adjustments and bumps in the road that go with each one. You will have two little distractions that will make this move completely new and interesting!!! (Wish you could remember your Precious Moments bedroom that you graduated to!!!)


Colby will have such a great time with your girls. I know my husband is COMPLETE putty in Caity's hands so I can't even imagine two of them having daddy wrapped around their fingers.
I hope you can get your internet sorted quickly! Ugh, it annoys ME that you have to have all these hurdles to jump over and I'm not even there! 80 euro is ridiculous. They should pay that for sure.
Can't wait to see all those pictures!!!


Very exciting news!! Where do you register in Germany?

Kate P

That loaner furniture will be gone before you know it! I am dying to know if there's any difference between IKEA in the U.S. and IKEA in Europe.

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