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June 29, 2012


To the Nth

I'm sorry you had such a crappy week. It totally blows when everything seems to pile up at once. May next week run as smoothly as this last one didn't!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

Oh, man. What an incredibly awful week!

Thank goodness you didn't ruin your TV. That thing will come in handy in a few months when you're stuck on a couch with two newborns all day long! ;)

Sending you love and happy thoughts!


One pregnant girl to another, I would have ugly cried WEEKS ago if I had attempted moving just down the block, much less across the world. Don't beat yourself up too much, be glad you didn't fry yourself or the tv, and look forward to next week. :)


Uhh, I'm not pregnant and I would've ugly cried over all of that, too! At least you will have renters for now? Family members of mine were preapproved for a loan and it fell through. A couple months later, they got a new loan and closed on their house! Fingers crossed! (Booo crappy AF stuff!)


So sorry to hear you had a crappy week. I can't even imagine how much y'all have piled on your plate right now. I hope the situation with the renters turns out well for y'all too. XOXO.


Hey, I think that bad things happen in 3's? So, I think you are done with the bad things! Hoping and praying and crossing my fingers for your house to sell in Charleston... it will happen, just a matter of time. I know you have at LEAST 2 beautiful things to be happy about, and to see them, you just have to look down to where your toes used to be! ;)

operation pink herring

Tears are part of the package when you're dealing with Ikea. No one has ever assembled anything from there and not cried. Ever. Also, pregnancy equals crying. Just go with it.

Emily Jane

Oh goodness, this seems to have been an awful week for so many people. My roommate got dumped, my boyfriend had brain surgery, my face exploded in a horrible allergic reaction, and you too... I`m sorry it was so awful! I just want to give you a hug, and totally relate on the ugly cry front. And I`m not even pregnant, lol. Next week will be better, and just remember all the wonderful things in your life right now. When I get overwhelmed and fretty, just writing down a few of them can help :)


Crap. That is one awful week. :( I really hope that this coming week is a million times better for you!
I'm sorry you cried a lot this week-the tears were all for legitimate reasons and not just "hormonal" ones. I would have ugly cried too!!!
HUGS for you!!! Try to focus on the great things in your life right now and take a break. :) It'll be all good!!!

Kate P

Goodbye to June! This too shall pass.

Thank goodness the surge protector sacrificed itself for the sake of everything else. If you're in the mood for a "could have been worse" destruction story, one day a friend whose wife was expecting (they have a lovely baby son now) stated that his wife had a bit of a "cleaning incident" and he was on a mission to replace a $300 vacuum cleaner. Yikes.

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