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June 04, 2012



I'm glad you've got most of the challenging parts of the move completed! That's quite a list!


Whew! That must have been exhausting! I don't blame you for wanting to keep Heidi for yourself since I'm sure she's much easier to maneuver and park than the Pilot. Once the babies are here will you be putting them in the Pilot or Heidi to drive around? Just curious since (I'm assuming) you'll be the one with them most of the time so you might want to get used to the car you'll always be driving.
How long will it take for your stuff from the States to get to you guys?
I hope the next few days go by quickly so you can get in your house to nest!

Kate P

Vroom, vroom! I did hear it's easy to speed around on the Autobahn--my dad still likes to tell the story of his business associate (now friend), an Austrian woman with a "lead foot". . . as in, "Oh, that was Oberammergau back there; did you want to see it?" Hee. So I'm wishing you many happy, safe kilometers!

erin - heart in ireland

ohhhh heidi is pretty!

and wow that is quite a list of what you've done so far!

only a few more day!

Molly P. (mollypg)

Heidi is lovely! You two belong together. Here's hoping the lobbying works.
Sounds like despite the roadblocks you guys are kicking ass and taking names when it comes to the "to do" list.


Whew! Glad you have some spiffy wheels!


Oh, that's SO much to have gotten done! Props to you. I think I would have had a breakdown by now, but you're doing so well!

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