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June 07, 2012



Sorry the appointment was a bummer. But ya for "cooking those babies" well!

Is your German totally stellar or does your Dr. speak English? Was just thinking that a dr.'s visit can be challenging when you both speak the same language...add in the language barrier and that could get really sketchy really fast.

Angela Noelle

We decided to go to the on base hospital, so he's a US Navy guy. Just not a warm, fuzzy dude :) But the doctor for my next appointment is supposed to be really good, so fingers crossed!!


you are adorable! Glad everything is going well. How often will you get ultrasounds?


I am loving these fruit pictures!! I am also someone who loves being pregnant and I'm glad you're taking time to try to enjoy it - it flies by!


I'm RH negative too. I had the rhogam shot 3 times now: 28 weeks with Owen, after I delivered, 28 weeks again this time and I will again after he is born. Hurts a bit, but otherwise no biggie!


Maybe try something like this for more supportive shoes:,en_US,pd.html&cgid=99900-Women-Footwear#!i%3D51%26color%3D03%26sz%3D60%26size%3DUS_5_5

I have a pair of Puma flats now I love and I'm looking to add a new pair to replace. These are on sale!!

Keep up the good work, Mommy!


The faint feeling may be low blood sugar. The first time i experienced it was when i was pregnant. Drink some fruit juice or have a piece of candy and it should help!


Love that you get to hold TWO fruits in all your pictures! Sorry your appointment was disappointing, I hope the next one is better. Has it been hard finding a new doctor that you like in Germany?


You look so cute! It's going to be interesting when you're having to hold two larger fruits...probably one on each hand :)
I hope your next appointment is much better.


You know your oranges were bigger than your


Aw! I love how you do your bump updates, I have to say. Way more interesting than just a pic & a survey... :) I'm glad you're doing well & hopefully your next appointment is much better! xoxo

Kate P

I want guacamole now! :) I'm so baffled by non-warm-n-fuzzy doc, but thank goodness for Colby's vantage point.


All that medicine talk makes me nervous--glad I'm not the pregnant one! You sure do make a very cute pregnant lady, which is wonderful, but you'll make an even cuter momma. Two hips for two babies! (Remember when you said that a woman's hips get bigger so she can hold babies? Baby Angel was so cute!)


Angela, you continue to look just FAB! You are the most adorable pregnant person! I hope you continue to have such a great pregnancy. Do you know any other twin moms? Shannon at has adorable 4 year old twins (one of each flavor). She is the blogger I have known the longest, and very much part of the reason I started my blog. Her pregnancy was not without complications, but she might be able to help with some of the questions.


You could not be more gorgeous! I'm so glad everything is going well. You should probably start working out your arms to each hold watermelons, hah!

Elle Sees

oranges!! i'm so excited!! i love hearing the updates!!

I'm glad you're all doing well!


You and your little avocado babies are so cute! I love the fruit/veggie comparisons - it is just so fun. Hope you continue to have an easy pregnancy and that you enjoy every minute of it. :)

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