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May 18, 2012


The Incubator

How wonderful to see all of you! You look beautiful, and I am so happy you are settling in and feeling so much better. Hugs and love:-*


Yay pictures!


You look too stinking cute for words! And it sounds like the pregnancy has been pretty close to dreamy. If the 2nd trimester is even better than the first (which it often is, right?) you're going to be the preggo poster child.
Cheering you on as you grow those little ones! (...and your pregnancy boobs - was that over the line?)


You look super cute :) So exciting!!! I totally understand about the pregnancy boobs. I was always small and with this pregnancy the ladies are at a very nice C and beautifully perky. ;) Praying for the continued growth of your babies and your boobs! LOL!

Elle Sees

i am so delighted that you're having twins!! i've got tears in my eyes, and don't know how i miss the big announcement!! my friend i've mentioned before who had a baby via ivf just found out she's having twins too (ivf again)!!!


Absolutely love it! You and your baby bump look beautiful :)


So exciting, you look great!! I'm currently in week 37 and just WAITING for my little guy to make his appearance. I found that eating 4-5 prunes a day kept away any constipation. Oh and drinking LOTS of water and coconut water too. I still can't seem to drink enough! Good luck in the 2nd trimester!!


You look stunning, as always! Getting out of the first trimester was such a tremendous relief for me, but the pregnancy boobs never happened in my case--boo!


You are so freaking cute! Look at that bump:)

erin - heart in ireland

I love the little fruits you are holding! Such cute pictures!

Good luck with the house search in Germany!


I cannot even tell you how much I love the idea of taking pictures with the fruit in front of your belly :) So cute! Also, I cannot wait to hear about you living in Germany - that is so exciting and a wonderful adventure.


aw you look so cute and love the pictures with the actual fruit representation, haha.


You look great!! Glad to hear all is going well!

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