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May 07, 2012



Yeah, packing is tough. The Navy moved me the one time that I needed to pack and it was incredible. Everything was going to one place though, so it ended up being super easy, I can't imagine how much work this must be for you!


Can't wait to hear about the adventures ahead!


I've yet to visit Charleston, but you and your blog have definitely put it near the top of my list. (And that's saying a lot considering how I feel about the South!!)

I can't believe all the exciting transition you're in the midst of right now. I'm so thrilled for you.


aw that has got to be so bittersweet all around. so excited for you guys though and what a great place to move, so many new adventures to be had. hope everything goes swimmingly this week!


Oh, Angel! You look so great!!! I'm sad I won't be able to see you pregnant... though, I'm contemplating saying "screw it" and coming for a visit this summer. So bummed y'all are leaving Charleston, too. Loved my visit there. But you'll make Germany home, and I bet you'll be a little sad when you're leaving there, too. xox Good luck!


You'll love it. And it looks like we might be planning a trip there next year, so make your list and we'll bring American goodies with us!

Elle Sees

looking forward to your adventures!! best of luck.

Kate P

Loving the neon sticker system! I wish you all the best with the move.

erin - heart in ireland

Hope the movers today went well! It was great to see you again last night before you left.

And I agree there is just something special about charleston.


So crazy that it's time to go! Germany will be a great adventure. Cannot wait to read more about it!

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