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May 24, 2012


Old Warrior

Wie aufregend, dass Sie bald ein Zuhause haben. Aber manchmal Ihre Mutter ist ein Affe.


How exciting that you will soon have a home. However, sometimes your Mother is a monkey.


Your dad is funny!! Hi Old Warrior!

I want to know what the washer/dryer situation is like there. If it's anything like Italy, you're in for a real treat after the bebes get here. /sarcasm

Your place looks fab and so peaceful!


This all sounds terrific! What a great find :) Have a great time in the Black Forest. Can't wait to see more pics!!!


aw it's so cute, congrats! so excited for you guys.

erin - heart in ireland

that is such a cute house! and that is awesome you can get an american style washer & dryer! and all of the loaner items from the air force!

enjoy your adventure this weekend!


It is adorable! I hope you have a great weekend!


No closets? How is that possible?

It's cute!


Your house is so picturesque! What an adventure you two (soon four!) are having!

Kate P

Imagining a German Milton had me laughing pretty hard. Congrats on the house, not to mention the happy orange curtains!


The house is adorable! I love the view and the kitchen, that's really great for a German house. So excited to see more pictures

Lynn Daue

What a great space for you guys! You really did find a steal of a place in Germany, and I'm so jealous of your proximity to livestock. (Seriously.)

It's this, and so many other reasons, that I'm passing the Versatile Blogger award on to you. Natuerlich.


How lovely! You're making me want to go visit our Mainz friends just so we can stop off and stalk you in your new house (in a totally noncreepy way, naturally!). It seriously looks amazing.

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