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May 17, 2012



Okay, the party your friends gave is one of the sweetest things ever! i love them all for easing you gently towards Germany. If the belly is starting to show, I'm gonna now be the nosy one and ask for photos...of course, you may deny my request if you so choose.

I'm sorry that Jack was so stressed out. I hope he settles down soon. I'm so happy for you both, and I can't wait to hear about the adventures you have in Germany!


Dude, you're European now! How very, very cool. I am insanely jealous.


This is crazy, but I am so glad to hear you guys are there and getting settled!

You look absolutely radiant, by the way :) I am hoping pregnant blog posts [with pictures] are on their way ;) ;)


what an exciting journey!!!!!

I will be thinking of both of your pups. I know that is stressful on them AND us!! But now they know they are HOME :)

I feel your pain though...after not having OUR beds until yesterday (since March 7th) besides air mattresses and hotel beds. :)


Yippeee! So glad to read you've arrived safely and were pampered properly before you left.


So excited for this next adventure! I would love to be living in Europe again! You did it. :) Poor Jack, I hope he is ok.


How cool! I can't believe you're there. Those are some seriously sweet friends you have!

Random question: Because the babies will be born in Germany, will they qualify for dual citizenship?

erin - heart in ireland

woooo! glad you've arrived! good luck in finding a house and everything!

enjoy living in germany!!!


I'm glad you guys finally made it to Germany! What an exciting new chapter in your life.

Sorry to hear about your dog and his in-flight problems. I feel for him!

Kate P

Yay! You've arrived! I do not know how animals handle flying, bless their little hearts (and teeth, my gosh).

A Super Girl

I'm so excited to read more about all this. When my parents were first married, in 1975, my father got stationed in Germany. They lived there for a couple years. So, after hearing their stories, it'll be fun to hear yours!

Lynn Daue

Oh, thank goodness you guys made it okay! I'm sorry about the insane wait at the airport ... we've had issues flying to and from Germany too. But you're there and getting settled in and I cannot WAIT to see more pictures!

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