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May 23, 2012



OMG! Two babies! Look at them! You know, I've got two kids, so obviously I've had a few ultrasounds. But it STILL amazes me when I see ultrasound pictures and I always find myself thinking "Wow, there are little humans in there." :) So amazing and wonderful!


Wait... did I miss something?? This is how I find out it's a boy and a girl!?


@Brittany--Unless I missed something (which is entirely possible), I think she is referring to A as girl and B as boy to avoid calling either of them "it." I'm sure she will correct me if I am wrong, but with the time difference...

Angela--This is so exciting! I'm happy that you are sharing this with us. I'm still trying to think of a name for the pair...maybe they are the Beignets? Hmmm.

Angela Noelle

Margaret, you're spot on :) Sorry I didn't remind everyone of that in this post. The pronouns are just placeholders until we find out for real eventually. And Beignets! I love that! My mom will like it a lot more than Frankensteins too ;)

Kathryn Theriot

Congrats! They are so cute and look just like real human babies! Those ultra sounds are getting so advanced!


Actually, those are really great shots! :) Congratulations!!!




It's so cool that you can see them both so clearly! Try not to worry too much (easier said than done) about not feeling typical pregnancy symptoms. You may be one of the lucky few who have no nausea! Hopefully you'll get another ultrasound next week so you can see your babies again. I think you might especially since you're seeing a brand new doctor in a new country!!


Eee somehow I missed before today that it's a boy and a girl, so cute and exciting! Hope everything continues to go well, woo your babies!


"nuchal translucency test"---Is that English?

Doesn't matter...I'm just so happy for you!

Elle Sees

AHHHHHHHHHH! I was jumping up and down over this post and scaring my dog in the process. i'm so exciteddddd!

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