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April 19, 2012



This is really crappy. Sorry that the Real Estate Witch is being a witch. :(
At least you know you can rent your house and hopefully the roof and AC hold off for a while. Good Luck!


Here's what I don't get.... the military is not helping you. The military requires you to move, but it's up to you to tie things up.

If a company was moving you, they would pay for all of this and sell the house too.

This makes me super crabby.


Welcome to my world- just replaced the AC (compressor, refrigerant, blower, etc) for the world's bitchiest tenant. I don't have a good solution, but I can totally relate. Big hugs and good luck!


Ugh, so frustrating!

Where is the house in Washington? Is it near McChord/Fort Lewis? Are you working with a management company to handle that rental? If not, I can recommend one to you that my mum works with (she lives in that area).


it's like you wrote your post after reading mine, ha.

but in all seriously, boo. i hope things start coming together, i can't even imagine how stressful all of this has been. you can do it, you're a rock star, woo!

Kate P

Oh, man. I am really hoping all that turns around, or that those are the worst things that could happen and it's all getting better from here.

If it makes you feel any better, I was rear-ended a couple of traffic lights from my house the day before I moved about four years ago. It made me appreciate my new neighborhood more!


Wow - this is so frustrating. I'm so sorry. I was annoyed enough just going through real estate agents to rent an apartment and that doesn't involve NEARLY the amount of bureaucracy and red tap.

Thoughts Appear

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you get another offer soon or that you find a good renter!


Awww. I'll send you positive house selling thoughts!!!

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