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April 11, 2012



Busy girl! Don't worry about the 4-yo; an afternoon snack and some good, old-fashioned authority should do the trick. (Or, if it doesn't, a large glass of vino at the end of the day works wonders!)


You are certainly a busy bee! Ugh, the 4 year old's terrible. Those are some long sitter days for you, good luck this week!


Girl, you sound busy! Also, I have been meaning to tell you that awhile ago you recommended that we watch True Grit. We watched it recently and loved it! Thanks for the suggestion!


Brad wants to take me to see Titanic this weekend. I'm thinking that's good... like, don't most guys hate that movie? Lol. Anyway, i just read him what he said about it. Yay!

Hope you get a little rest & remain relatively stress free! HUGS!

Elle Sees

just read your facts...we have some that are crazy similar!!
i think anyone that can do a military career is just amazing. I'm the biggest wimp and wouldn't last a day, and being the wife of the military is so hard, i couldn't imagine. but yes, take your blog break and remember we'll be here when you get back!

Erin @ The Speckled Palate

I feel you on being busy, busy, busy!

I hope things calm down this coming week for you so that you have some time to breathe. And I hope you continue having a fabulous time in Charleston before the big move!


I hear you on the silence! You've been swamped--I'm hoping the quieter week is coming to fruition.

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