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April 17, 2012



It's so very exciting! Our good friends lived in Germany for 6 months and loved it! The organizing/packing of your home into 3 categories would make me very anxious. Maybe separate lists would help so when your house doesn't have to be show ready anymore you can just grab a list and go! Good luck!


My cousin had a fabulous time when she and her husband were stationed in Germany.
Good luck with all the moving!


This transition seems to be moving so quickly (at least from MY point of view). So excited for you guys and can't wait to follow along with the adventure!!!!


Ooh...good luck with all the packing! My first thought was to designate a separate room for each of the categories and put whatever you can in each room with a sign on the door so everyone is aware of what's what. Twenty nine days! It's gone by so fast!


eeee goodness, i can't believe how soon so many big things are happening for you!

erin - heart in ireland

Enjoy your trip home and seeing your family!

If you need any help with packing or anything let me know! I'd be glad to help!


It's happening fast! I hope you enjoy Texas--the weather's been lovely lately!

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