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March 12, 2012



Love you! I wish I could be there with you... but I'm glad you're keeping busy.


Girl, I am tired just reading this. I hope you and Colby can catch a break - in terms of rest and expenses and just life in general. And fingers crossed that the house showing goes well today!!


Wow, you have been super busy. I hope the house showing goes very well today and you get a great offer this time!


Thinking of you, we're at McChord for Scotty's recurrent training. Its cold and raining ;) Sounds like crazy times, but at least all of the downs will turn into an up over time!


Down-Still not having employment.

Up--Using some of my time to get my house in better shape, working on the new blog, and starting an art project that has been on my mind for ages.

Hope the ups just keep on going!

erin - heart in ireland


it seems like even with the downs there are some ups in there! hopefully more ups to come!


hope the next couples weeks bring you way more ups than downs! woo!


Up- Moving to Germany and already having a friend there! (Im talking about me, in case you didnt know) ;) Do you know your move date? What plane will Colby be flying? Cant wait till May/June!


I can't even begin to imagine taking care of several little ones! You're going to be a pro by the time your bundle arrives (hopefully SOON, but y'know, not TOO soon).

And you military spouses (I really think the word should be "spice") are amazingly strong. Hope the next few weeks are the best they can be!

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