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March 07, 2012



Wow. 68 says is soon! So exciting...I can't wait to hear about the moving adventure.


Wow. I can't believe you guys are so close to moving abroad! I've already had to switch your blog in my reader from my "West Coast" folder to my "South" folder. Now I have to move it to my "Europe" folder!


I'm so glad you are keeping busy, paying off Operation Frankenbaby, and just having fun! My cousin and her husband were stationed in Germany and she loved it!


Operation Frankenbaby :) 68 days is super soon! I hope the weather cooperates and you all get lots of people begging to buy your home. Keeping busy is a good strategy and since there are so few days left it's great to enjoy the time with your friends :) Thanks for the update!!!


AAAUUUUGGGHHHH! How long is your layover?! Let's meet up before you go!!


Good luck with everything! Your signature is so pretty!


Operation Frankenbaby. Love that. And that you paid off that credit card! WHAT! :) I miss nannying! It's been years though. Can't believe you're about to move!!!

Kate P

Oh yeah, movers who know what they're doing are priceless. I took all the help I could get last time I moved (which was about this time four years ago).

Your temporary nannying charge sounds so cute and full of energy.


Baltimore! That's near me. You should go to Dangerously Delicious Pies. It's supposed to be awesome. I'm checking it out this weekend.


Holy cow. 68 days is nothing! I'm so jealous that you have movers to pack your shiz up. That was definitely NOT FUN. Is there help at the other end to unpack too? If the answer is, "yes," I may give you the stink eye through the computer. ;)


68 days seems like nothing! It's awesome that you get all the help you need with moving. Loading up my stuff is my least favorite part of moving.


Wow 68 days! That's so soon. How exciting.

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