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March 20, 2012


To the Nth

Wow, that McKittrick Hotel show sounds like an incredible experience. I'd love to see a non-traditional performance like that.

A Super Girl

Umm, can you please describe the food photos, particularly the first one?!?! YUM!


That hotel show sounds AMAZING!!!


You went to Alice's Teacup? I really want to go there.

That play sounds good, too. I'll have to check it out the next time I go up.

Sarah @

What a cool hotel! I want to see that sometime!

Kate P

It's such a different feeling to be on a small plane, isn't it? I took a puddle-jumper to Ohio once, and before takeoff the woman seated next to me grabbed my arm and exclaimed, "Oh my God, is that the PROPELLER!?" I think I said I hoped so.

Holy cow that food looks good. Is that like an inverted tiramisu or something?

erin - heart in ireland

the tenement museum is one my my favorite museums - i am really interested in the history of urbanization and immigration so i was in love when i went there.

and i've heard awesome things about sleep no more! that is so cool you got to go to it!


AHHH Sleep No More! I read about that in an airplane magazine. I'm so intrigued to hear more about this. It sounds very odd, but so interesting too. It's so different.

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